All Instrumental, Vocal and Choral Works without Orchestra

Above All, Women: Four Images of Gustav Klimt (2016)
for string quartet

Alle(...)luia — Variations (1987) 7' ALH
for organ and chimes

Apache Wedding Blessing (2006) 5’ GS
for voice and guitar

Arabesque by Robert Schumann (arr. RXR, 2010) 6’ ALH
for 2 guitars

As: A Surfeit of Similes (2014) 8’ ALH
Text by Norton Juster
for SATB chorus and solo piano

Aspen Sketches (1992) 12' ALH
for piano
1. Quest, 2. Vista, 3. Fireside, 4. Hot Buttered Rumba
See also Orchestra

Bachanale (1999) 10’ GS
for two pianos
See also Orchestra

Canto (1982) 10' ALH
(It/Fr) Dante and anonymous French
for soprano, tenor, and ensemble
S, T;
See also Orchestra

Capriccio on the Departure of a Beloved Brother by J.S. Bach (arr. RXR, 1976) 12’ ALH
for 2, 3 or 4 guitars

Caprichos (2012)  20’  ALH
for piano solo

Chronies — 4 Pieces (1981) 6' ALH
for bass clarinet and percussion
Materials 50482146 for sale.

Cinco Poemas de García Lorca (1975) 7' ALH
(Sp) Federico García Lorca
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, and piano
1. Claro de Reloj, 2. Murió al Amanecer, 3. Es verdad, 4. La Calle de los Mudos, 5. Variación

Concert Suite from Frida (1993) 30' GS
(En/Sp) Hilary Blecher and Migdalia Cruz
for mezzo-soprano and ensemble or piano
Mz; cl(asx)/tpt(flugel)/perc/
or Mz; cl(asx)/tpt(flugel).tbn/perc/
or Mz; pf
See also Opera/Stage Works

Concert Suite from Suor Isabella (1983) 16' GS
(En) Daniel Dibbern
for soprano and ensemble
S; fl(pic).cl(bcl)/tpt.btbn/perc/
See also Opera/Stage Works

El día de los muertos (2006) 15' GS
8 percussionists

Dolorosa et Lacrimabilis Es, Virgo Maria (1980) 5' ALH
for mixed chorus, soprano, flute, and windchimes

The Dot and the Line (2005) 18’ GS
text by Norton Juster
Narrator; fl, cl, vn, vc, hp, perc, pf; opt slides and/or dancers
CD of visual images provided with rental materials
See also Orchestra

Ductia (1980, rev. 83) 5' ALH
for harp, harp duo, flute and harp, or other combinations

Estampie (1981) 18' ALH
for clarinet, cello, percussion, and piano
version for piano solo
See also Medieval Suite
See also Orchestra

Fantasia Lussuriosa (1989) 10' ALH
for piano

Favola Concertante (1977) 20' ALH
for piano trio
See also Orchestra

Favola I, Episode from Favola Concertante  (1977) 7' ALH
for cello
See also Orchestra

Favola II, Episodes from Favola Boccaccesca (1980) 12' ALH
for clarinet, cello, and piano
See also Orchestra

Five Etudes from Oktoechos (1983) 15' GS
1. for clarinet and bassoon, 2. for trumpet and trombone, 3. for piano solo, 4. for violin and percussion,
5. for cello solo

The Food of Love (2004) 12’ GS
text by William Shakespeare
for violin/actor and piano

For Piano I and II (1978) 10' ALH
for piano

Four Poems from ‘Neue Gedichte’ (1971) 10' ALH
(Gr) Rainer Maria Rilke
for soprano or tenor and piano
1. Opfer, 2. Die Laute, 3. Das Karussell, 4. Der Schwan

Frammenti Musicali (1978) 5' ALH
for flute and piano
or for piano solo

Gambits, Six Chess Pieces (2001) 10’ GS
for horn and piano
or tuba and piano
Improvisation Matrix
(1978) open length ALH
for any instrument or combination of instruments
or for piano solo or multiple pianos

Invocation of Orpheus (1989) 12.5' ALH
for trumpet, harp, and string quartet
or for trumpet and piano
See also Orchestra

Il Lamento di Tristano (1997) 12’ GS
for flute and guitar
Materials 5048493 for sale.

Lull-A-Bear from Ursa (1993) 5’ ALH
for cello (or bassoon) and piano
See also Orchestra

Máscaras (1993) 18' GS
Cello; 2(pic)2(ca)2(Ebcl,bcl)2/2210/timp.2perc/
Piano reduction available
See also Orchestra

Medieval Suite (1983) 10' ALH
from the ballet Estampie
for horn, violin, and piano
See also Orchestra

Meditation (1981) 6' ALH
for flute, clarinet, cello, and percussion

Menasherie (2015) 8-9’ ALH
texts by Ogden Nash
SSA chorus and piano solo

Meta 4 (1994) 17' GS
for string quartet
See also Opera/Stage Works

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2001) – 45’ ALH
Incidental music for the Shakespeare Play
Cast:  Actors, Vocal Soloists (SA), SA Chorus
cl(bcl), hn, tpt, perc, pf, acn, hp, 2vn, va, vc, db
See also Opera/Stage Works

Mirror Sonnets (1989) 5' ALH
(En) Fred Curchack
for one, two or three sopranos and guitar or piano

Música, por un tiempo (2008) GS
Clarinet in B-flat, Violin, Cello, and Piano

My Lady Carey’s Dompe (1985) 12' ALH
— Variations on an Elizabethan Melody
for piccolo trumpet in E-flat and A, descant horn,
and harpsichord or piano

Les Niais Amoureux (1989) 15' GS
for clarinet and piano trio
Score and parts 50485072 for sale.

Omaggio al Divino (2009)  7’  ALH
for two guitars
1. Fantasia Antica, 2. Fantasia Nuova, 3. Le due Fantasie Insieme

Plaisir d’Amour (1982) 5' ALH
— after the song by Padre Martini
for flute, clarinet, and bassoon

Praline and Fudge (1979) 6' ALH
— Recitative and Aria in Baroque Style
(En) from cookbooks
for bass voice and piano
Piano/vocal score 50482145 for sale.
See also

Presences (1973) 5' ALH
(Fr) Peter Clothier, trans. by Lucile Golson
for soprano or tenor and piano

Quodlibet on Medieval Tunes (1978) 5' ALH
any number of players on any combination of

Romance with a Double Bass (2018) – 15’ ALH
Narrator, Contrabass and Piano

The Salutation Rag (1976, rev. 79) 5' ALH
for piano 4-hands
See also Orchestra

Semi-Suite (1980) 7' ALH
for piano, 4-hands

Semi-Suite (1981) 7' ALH
for violin and piano (plus clarinet and percussion ad lib)
See also Orchestra

Seven Deadly Sequences (1990) 15' ALH
for piano

Six Episodes from The Ransom of Red Chief (1987) 8' GS
for piano
See also Opera/Stage Works

Six Maxims de La Rochefoucauld (1991) 5' ALH
(Fr) for voice and piano

Six Songs of E.E. Cummings (2008) 20’ GS
for soprano and marimba or soprano and piano

Son Risa (2006) 5’ GS
for solo harp

Sonata in One Movement (1973) 10' ALH
for soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and piano

Sonatina d’Estate (1982) 10' ALH
for flute and piano

The Song of Songs — Shir Hashirim (1992) 32' ALH
(En) from Sholom Aleichem (trans. by Curt Leviant) and the Bible
for soprano, narrator, and ensemble
S, Narr; cl/perc/

Sor(tri)lège: Trio III (2007) 20’ GS
for piano trio

Tango (1985) 25' GS
Libretto (En) by the Composer from 1913-14 news clippings.
Cast: T
Spanish translation by Josefina García available.
See also Opera/Stage Works

Tango Amor (2014)

Tango di Tango (1985) 8' ALH
— based on a theme from Tango
for violin, accordion and piano
or for piano solo
See also Orchestra

Tentado por la samba (2007) 10’ GS
for cello and piano

Three Lullabies (1990) 5' ALH
for piano or guitar (transcribed for guitar by Enric Madriguera)
1. Nana, Niño, Nana, 2. The Long Quiet Night, 3. Lull-a-bear

Three Songs and A Monologue from As You Like It (1990) 8’ ALH
for voice and piano
1. Under the Greenwood Tree, 2. Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, 3. All the World’s A Stage,
4. There was A Lover and his Lass

Toccata for Guitar Quartet  (1976) 10' ALH

Toccata for Guitar Solo  (1983) 10' ALH
(transcribed by Robert Guthrie)

Toccata for Percussion Quintet  (1977) 10' ALH

Trio I (1971) 15' ALH
for piano trio

Trio II (1970) 5' ALH
for piano trio

Trio III (2007) 20’ GS
for piano trio
See also Sor(tri)lège

Ursa (1990) 19' ALH
Four Seasons for Doublebass (or Cello) and Orchestra
Doublebass (or Cello); 2+pic.222/2200/timp.2perc/

The Versatility Rag (2006) 5’ GS
for piano solo

Xochiquetzal (2014)
For Violin Solo and Percussion Ensemble
Duration:  13 minutes
Violin; Six Percussionists
Version for Violin and Piano also available