Includes Works for Dance

La Curandera (2006) - 1 Hour GS
Opera in 1 Act.  Libretto (En/Sp) by Mary Medrick
Cast:  S, Mz, Con, T, Bar, B
cl(asx), tpt, btbn, perc, pf, acn, vn, vc

Le Diable Amoureux (1978) 55' ALH
Opera in 1 Act. Libretto (En) by the Composer and Frans Boerlage based on a story by Jacques Cazotte.
Cast: S, Mz, T, B-Bar; chorus

Favola Concertante (1975, rev. 77) 20' ALH
Ballet and Double Concerto
Violin, Cello; str
See also Orchestra, Chamber

Frida (1991, rev. 93) full eve GS
Opera in 2 Acts (En/Sp). Book by Hilary Blecher, Lyrics and Monologues by Migdalia Cruz.
Cast: Mz, Bar, S, A, T, B, 3 Calaveras (death figures - character voices), SATB chorus [opt]
cl(asx)/tpt(flugel)/perc/acn.pf/vn or cl(asx)/tpt(flugel).tbn/perc/acn.gtr.pf/vn.va.vc.db
Spanish translation by Josefina García available.

The Last Night of Don Juan (2000) full eve  ALH
Musical play.  Text adapted from Rostand and Zorilla by Murray Ross and the Composer.
Cast:  Actors, Vocal Soloists (SSATTB), Dancers, Puppeteers, SA Chorus
2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/432+btbn.1/timp.3perc/hp.pf/str (solo vn)

Meta 4 (1994) 17' GS
for string quartet
See also Chamber

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2001) – 45’ ALH
Incidental music for the Shakespeare Play
Cast:  Actors, Vocal Soloists (SA), SA Chorus
cl(bcl), hn, tpt, perc, pf, acn, hp, 2vn, va, vc, db
See also Chamber

Monkey See, Monkey Do (1986) 35' GS
Opera for Children in 1 Act. Libretto (En/Sp) by Mary Medrick based on a Mexican folk tale.
Cast: 2 S, Mz, T, Bar, B
Spanish translation by Josefina García available.
Piano/vocal score 50482612 for sale.

The Old Majestic (1988) full eve ALH
Opera in 2 Acts. Libretto (En) by Mary Medrick .
Cast: 2 S, 2 Mz, T, Bar, B-Bar, B; off-stage chorus

The Ransom Of Red Chief (1986) 55' GS
Opera in 1 Act. Libretto (En) by Daniel Dibbern, based on a short story by O. Henry.
Cast: Boy S, T, Bar, B-Bar; off-stage chorus

The Seven Deadly Sins (1984) 17' ALH
Ballet for Wind Ensemble and Percussion
3+pic.2(ca)2+Ebcl+acl+bcl.4sax.2/4431/4perc/pf(4 hands)/stbass
See also Orchestra, Wind Ensemble

Suor Isabella (1982) 70' GS
Opera in 1 Act. Libretto (En) by Daniel Dibbern, based on a story from ‘The Decameron’ by Giovanni
Cast: S, 2 Mz; women’s SSA chorus or 3 soloists

Tango (1985) 25' GS
Libretto (En) by the Composer from 1913-14 news clippings.
Cast: T
Spanish translation by Josefina García available.
See also Chamber

The Tempest (2000) – 34’
Concert dramatization of the Shakespeare play
Narrator or actors (2-4 male voices, 1 female voice), puppets/dancers ad lib.
3(3pic).2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4(conch shells).32+btbn.1/timp.3perc/pf(hpd).hp/str + bird songs on tape
See also Orchestra