RXR conducting RXR conducts the premiere of De Rerum Natura, with the Musica Nova Orchestra, November, 2013.
RXR in Rome RXR during a residency at the American Academy in Rome, Summer, 2012.
Author Norton Juster and RXR at the Copland House, Merestead, NY (2010)
Actor Wes Sanders and RXR rehearse narration for The Dot and the Line, Bowdoin Festival (2006)
RXR, conductor Neal Gittleman and actress Allison Janney
at recording session for narration of Flight (2004)
RXR attends a rehearsal of The Old Majestic at
the New York City Opera, VOX 2003 Showcase.
Conductor Keith Lockhart and RXR prepare for the Boston Symphony’s premiere of
The Tempest
RXR attends a rehearsal of
Smash the Windows
at Apollo Junior High, Richardson, TX (2001).
RXR on the set of the Vienna Schauspielhaus production of Frida (2001)
RXR at the Copland House, Peekskill, NY (2001)
RXR at Notre Dame in Paris following French premiere of Meta 4 in Dijon (2001)
RXR in San Antonio for the premiere of Bachanale (1999)
RXR in San Antonio for the premiere of Sinfonía à la Mariachi (1997)
RXR and Maine Senator Edmund Muskie rehearse
narration of We the People  at the Bowdoin Festival  (1987)

Composers in
Meet the Composer/Exxon Orchestra Residencies Program. (1985)

Back row: 
John Harbison, Charles Wuorinen,
John Adams, Christopher Rouse, Alvin Singleton

Middle row: 
Jacob Druckman, Joan Tower, William Kraft, Elizabeth Larsen, RXR, Tobias Picker

Front row:  Stephen Paulus, Joseph Schwantner, Stephen Albert

Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco present the Prix de Composition Musicale to RXR (1971)
Nadia Boulanger with students, including RXR, Palace of Fontainebleau (1969)